For Shanee music has always been there - an ever present in a constantly changing life.

She was born in Israel in 1967 into a musical family creating music throughout her childhood and adult life.

In 1990 Shanee settled in New York, and together with her partner built a recording studio.

Over the next few years she performed with dozens of musicians, producing, arranging and recording music.

In 1995 she radically rearranged Sting’s classic hit Roxanne. Her unique voice attracted interest from Sony Music, Atlantic Records and some heavyweight producers. The legendary Frankie Knuckles recorded a dance mix of her take on Roxanne in New York’s Quad Studios.

In 1997 she determined to start writing her own music collaborating with local musicians.

Shanee became a singer songwriter.

Shanee’s unique path opened up a whole new world and new ways of writing music. Her debut album, Changing Colors, was born in 2003 created with love and inspired by her spiritual journey. Her collaboration with wonderful musicians, producers and professionals such as Yoav Shdema(Israel) and David Collins (LA) brought the album to a highest level of production.

Music should never be categorised, but if it must be Shanee’s can only be described as world ethnic -a multi layered tapestry of sounds and ideas, simultaneously familiar but unique.