Xtc of life Define the truth Destiny Living the present Better passion
Bike Life is beautiful water delizone Clouds Friend

You look at me with your big eyes
They seem to go right through me
A mix of confusion for a moment
A touch of shiver inside
I open up my self to it
And feel so strange about it
There is no reason to feel it
So fine the line that defines the truth.
You seem to know so much
Just 1 touch and up on cloud 9 again
Emotional escapes
Fears of joy and wonder
Where am I going next?
What will I find there?
There is no reason to feel this way
So fine
The line that defines the truth.
Keep running away and from
May be you’ll see it all one day when Ill be there
Don’t be afraid from me

Lyrics: Shanee
Music: Shanee with Asi Spector
All vocal and vocal arrangements: Shanee
Guitars, drums and bass: Asi Spector
Additional Programming: Giorgio Poli