Xtc of life Define the truth Destiny Living the present Better passion
Bike Life is beautiful water delizone Clouds Friend

That’s it its there
I’m falling in passion again
Burning fire surrounding me
And I don’t have enough to control
Do you understand?
Can you see through me?
Do I have to shout it out loud?
I cannot talk about it any more
So much inspiration is it my imagination?
Falling into passion
There’s no limitation
I’m falling into pieces
That’s it its there I’ve fallen in passion again

Lyrics: Shanee
Music: Shanee with Ofer Koren
All vocal and vocal arrangements: Shanee
Guitars: Alon Ben Moshe
Programming: Baba (Zohar) Buerger
Produced:Baba (Zohar) Buerger and Shanee